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How To Maintain Coloured Hair?2 min read

How To Maintain Coloured Hair?2 min read

Ten easy tips for maintaining colour-treated hair:

1. Use shampoos and conditioners formulated for coloured hair.

2. Shampoo less often, every 3-4 days, using sulfate-free products.

3. Always use a deep conditioner once a week.

4. Try to air-dry your hair, rather than using a blow dryer.

5. Avoid heat (curling irons and flat irons) as much as possible.

6. Wear a hat when outside in order to protect your hair from the sun.

7. Use a colour-protecting, moisturising mask weekly.

8. Regularly trim your split ends.

9. Avoid chlorine pools or hot tubs, as they will fade your colour.

10. Have your colour refreshed or touched up every 8 weeks.

Best products to use from our range?

RICH Colour Safe Shampoo is a gentle and nourishing shampoo specifically designed to preserve and maintain the vibrancy of dyed or coloured hair. This shampoo is formulated with argan oil, biotin and hyaluronic acids to add extra moisture to hair while protecting colour-treated hair from fades and oxidizing. The formula is also sulphate and paraben free, thereby providing an extra gentle, yet robust cleansing experience. RICH Colour Safe shampoo also helps fight frizz and flyaways as it cleanses and hydrates, while adding incredible shine and bounce. This shampoo is perfect for dyed, coloured and chemically treated hair.

RICH Colour Safe Conditioner is a colour-safe conditioner designed to nourish and protect coloured hair. It is formulated with natural ingredients to help protect hair colour and vibrancy without weighing down your hair. It features argan oil to help repair and restore the hair’s natural luster and sheen, while a blend of antioxidants and vitamins protect against environmental damage and help maintain natural colour and vitality. The rich lathering formula helps to detangle and nourish hair without stripping away colour or creating buildup. This conditioner is quaranteed to leave your coloured hair looking radiant and healthy.