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Queen Of Cold Icy Tones!2 min read

Queen Of Cold Icy Tones!2 min read

The newest and hottest product to hit the market is the Silver Blonde Shampoo and Hair Mask for blonde hair.

This dark purple shampoo, and mask in a sleek pink jar is packed with unrivalled violet pigments to neutralise the yellow and warm undertones in your hair. Plus, it has the magic to enhance white, blonde and grey tones. As a bonus, it moisturises, strengthens, restores, nourishes and soothes your hair.

Why do I need a silver shampoo for bleached hair?

Dyed or bleached hair is often dry, and often after a visit to the hairdresser, the colour can turn yellow, as bleaching hair naturally brings out the warm tones. This is enhanced by the use of inappropriate conditioners, harsh water, intensive sun and sea water. This is where the silver shampoo comes to the rescue. When washing, it releases purple pigment that helps to restore the hair’s cooler tones.

But why purple?

Because purple is the opposite of yellow, which means it neutralises brassy, yellowish undertones, which particularly cool or icy blonde tones definitely don’t want in their hair. Regular use of a silver shampoo will help to keep warm undertones in check, whilst also refreshing your hair colour.

We recommend the new RICH Silver Blonde range to help maintain the cool tones of blonde hair. The anti-yellowing mask neutralises warm tones, deeply moisturises hair and gives it satiny soft finish and shine.

What to look out for?

As silver shampoos can be a little drying on the hair, we recommend you include other RICH products in your hair care routine – shampoo, conditioner and hair oil. Wash 1-2 times a week with the silver blonde range and use moisturising products the other times.

If you need extra moisture, we recommend RICH Intense Moisture Shampoo + Intense Moisture Conditioner + Argan Oil Elixir. However, if you want more volume, then we recommend RICH Volumising Shampoo + Volumising Conditioner to give your hair more volume and nourishment.

Try RICH Silver Blonde products and confirm that achieving beautiful frosty tones has never been so easy!