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The Most Beautiful Hair Is Healthy Hair!2 min read

The Most Beautiful Hair Is Healthy Hair!2 min read

It is gratifying to know that although there are many things in life that we cannot change, then regardless of hair type, colour or length, the health and appearance of hair is primarily the result of informed choices and care habits. 

 If you are dreaming of silky smooth, soft and beautifully shiny hair, we recommend that you check out the ingredients of products and look for a wonderful active ingredient – keratin. Keratin is a structural protein that forms hair fibers, making hair strong and elastic, preventing frizz as well as helping prevent damage.There’s no doubt that keratin is a protein that your hair loves, so pamper your hair with keratin products to restore its strength and resistance.   

We invite you to try the shampoo and conditioner and luxurious hair oil that help you restore and maintain beautiful appearance of your hair. 

The intensive regenerating MIRACLE RENEW KERATIN SHAMPOO with UV protection fights the signs of aging. This wonderfully scented revitalizing shampoo for all hair types hydrates and nourishes, restores elasticity and softness of hair, leaves your hair silky smooth and youthfully radiant.  

  The intensive regenerating MIRACLE RENEW KERATIN CONDITIONER with UV and heat protection restores the softness and smoothness of damaged and stressed hair, as well as gives your hair a youthful shine.  

MIRACLE RENEW KERATIN OIL containing keratin protein rich with nourishing active substances, argan and jojoba oils, suitable for all hair types, is the best protection against damage caused by the environment and daily styling. Keratin oil with UV and heat protection protects hair from the inside, moisturizes and strengthens hair, as well as reduces hair breakage. With a light texture, the oil is easily absorbed and does not leave the hair feeling heavy and greasy. The result is frizz-free and visibly shinier hair.  

  Keratin collection products are recommended to be used as a treatment or alternating with moisturizing, colour protection or volumizing products of the Rich range.  

Try the products of the RICH MIRACLE RENEW KERATIN Collection and get stronger, youthfully shiny and silky soft hair!