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If you've been blessed with curly hair, you know the pain of finding the right product. Well, if you haven't found the right one yet, read what one of our customers had to say about RICH Curl Enhancing Cream: 

"Let me first say that when it comes to styling products that are supposed to encourage or enhance curls, I really love Be Curly Aveda Style Prep. Having naturally curly (thick and frizzy) hair, like many of you I have tried EVERY new product that comes out -- and I thought I had found my HG product. However, my stylist used this on my hair during my last visit and with a light mist of the same brand volumizing hair spray, I was left with soft, touchable, bouncy curls with no crunch or wet look! I can easily wet it the next day and restyle without having to wash my hair again! I still use a stronger hair spray on my bangs bc there I really need the extra hold. And I still love Aveda; but this stuff is wonderful, smells nice, and doesn't cost as much. The only negative is the glass bottle (plastic is better for travel and for those of us that have tile flooring). It came well-packaged, too. I'll definitely be purchasing this again!"

The review can be found here.

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